Cleaning Natural Stone Flooring

Stone is one of the best flooring materials. It is strong but beautiful, durable and long-lasting as well and can be used anywhere. With proper care and maintenance, stone can actually last a lifetime. Here are nine tips on how to keep your stone flooring as beautiful as the first day you installed them.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

1. Know thy floor. First things first. Learn everything you can about your stone. Remember that there are a wide variety of stones. What can be good for one may be harmful to the other. Ask the dealer about its characteristics, cleaning recommendations, pros and cons, etc.

2. Keep the dirt off. Dirt, dust and sand are the stone’s natural enemies. Sweep them off with the use of a soft broom and mop with plain water. Better yet, have trap mats in your front and back doors to keep dirt and dust away.

3. Slow down on bleaches. Avoid the use of bleaches and other strong chemicals when cleaning stone-floored surfaces. They can strip the stone of its natural materials and discolor them with the passage of time. For food stains, just use soap and water. There are also store-bought cleaners that are effective for removing stubborn stains.

4. Pad the chairs’ legs. No matter how careful you are, chairs can create unwanted marks on your stone floors. Prevent this by putting felt or rubber pads to the tips of the chairs’ legs. You can also put pads on small tables, couches and other movable furniture.

5. Train your kids. Tell your kids that you spent a lot of time, money and effort to have such a beautiful floor. Teach them how to take care of it by cleaning up spilled oil pastels or finger paints immediately. Ask them not to run around on roller skates, too.

6. Trim your pet’s nails. Your pet cat or dog is adorable and you’d hate for it to stay outdoors, don’t you? However, you also wouldn’t want it to leave unsightly scratches to your precious floor. Trim its nails to ensure that your pet doesn’t damage your stone flooring even if it gets too excited.

7. Reapply sealer annually. Some people see sealer reapplication as a waste of time and money. On the contrary, sealer reapplication can actually give you more savings as it protects the stone underneath. It would be more expensive to change stone floors every ten years, don’t you think?

8. Early prevention is the best cure. In case a stone tile breaks or cracks, replace it as soon as you can. Cracks allow water and other liquids to permeate the soil underneath which may eventually cause the other stones to crack.

9. Carry large objects. Tired of your living room arrangement that’s why you want to move things around? Of course, you can, but ask someone to help you carry those cabinets. Pushing or pulling large objects can create deep scratches on your stone flooring.

These are just nine tips on properly maintaining your stone floors. Add or subtract as you please to keep your floors as beautiful as can be.

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