Why Laminate Flooring Could Be The Best Flooring Choice For Your Home

Is a home remodeling right around the corner but you still didn’t make your pick regarding flooring material? Are you stuck with the many different choices and vast range of products available for flooring? In this quick and to the point guide we’ll try to guide you through potential mistakes and point out why in most cases, laminate flooring is a top solid choice that fits well with almost every home.

The first thing you need to think about when making a decision about flooring material is the budget. There are a wide range of materials available, the most commonly used ones being wood, stone, PVC and laminate. Out of all of them, PVC and laminate are usually the most cost effective solutions while still being of high quality and, last but certainly not least, longevity and durability.

The great thing about laminate flooring is that it comes in various forms and features that make it a valid replacement for wood or stone floorings. Why is that? There is a common misconception that laminate only looks like a bland, plastic and fawn material that’s simply boring and ugly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, laminate is often styled and designed in a way to imitate wooden and stone floorings!

What does that mean? When you pick laminate flooring on top of the others, you could still have your floor look like it was made from high quality, solid wood or stone but in fact it is made of laminate!

However, why would you want to fake a stone floor by using a laminate imitate instead?

The answer to that is simple: price, durability and maintenance but let us get further into that. First of all, laminated boards are cheaper than other materials, making them a budget-wise decision all around. Especially in areas where high foot traffic occurs, such as living rooms and hallways, laminate excels because it’s a lot more durable, stain and scratch resistant than wood, for example. On top of that, heat and moisture aren’t as much of a threat to a laminate floor than to a wooden one.

Another downside wood and stone floors have is they generally require a higher level of maintenance. They need to be cleaned, mopped and polished to sustain a quality look while that isn’t required with laminate. It’s enough to vacuum your laminate floor, mop it up quickly and that’s already all there is to it.

As we mentioned before, laminate is also very versatile. Just think of the different rooms that usually would require different flooring materials: Kitchens will often be a source of spills and moisture on the floor, the same holds true for nursing rooms or bathrooms, which requires a flooring material that is easy to clean. On the other hand, you want to have something comfortable to walk on in your bedroom, especially if you are a barefoot type of person. Wooden floors usually look great in kitchens or stone tiles pretty up the entry way but ultimately, that would require you to deal with several different flooring materials all at once.

The solution? Go for laminate. As it’s imitations of wood and stone look very real (they just don’t provide the same texture, of course), they can be used throughout your home in all the different areas mentioned above.


Last but certainly not the least, laminate floorings are very easy to install. For other materials such as stone tiles, it could take a contractor several days for finishing an installation whereas a floor made from laminate can be done within mere hours, since laminate boards come with interlocking joints.

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